Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: August Edition {Part 2}

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been slightly MIA the past couple of days. I'm tryin to get things ready at work for when I start managing in September and school started Monday. This week has just's really already Thursday? Lanta. Anyways, I figured I better get this post up before September gets here...after all they are my August Sponsors. The first half of my lovely August swap buddies can be found here. All these girls have been amazing to work with and I do honestly enjoy reading their blogs. None of them paid me anything for this post, we're all simply swap partners! I hope you check em out and read along :) 
I'm a SAHM with 2 girls who crack me up. I'm married to the funniest man in the world (no, really). I love my iPhone like it's my 3rd child, I'm currently obsessed with Twitter, and my new favorite show is Newsroom on HBO. Also I'm a TV junkie, and can't wait for the fall season of all my favorite shows, Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy, and Glee, just to name a few! Absolute Mommy is about motherhood, parenting, and life. It's also sarcastic, sometimes funny and always genuine. My motto is:  I wasn't built for motherhood, it built me. It's a work in progress! So join me on my journey of rediscovering that woman formerly known as Megan, who now is exclusively Mommy.
My name is Lauren Ruzinsky. I'm 18 years old and have traveled to 17 countries around the world. I'll be a freshman at James Madison University this fall. My blog, Lights in the Sky, was created to capture my thoughts and feelings as I move through the different stages in my life. I want to remember each year as being amazing and worth missing. I also write about fashion trends, traveling, new music and great recipes!  
Hello! I'm Taylor and I blog over at Goings on in Texas. I am a 30-something, Texas transplant who was born and raised in Arkansas. I moved to this great state in 1999 to attend college and I never looked back. I do miss the beautiful scenery of my home state, but I've grown roots in Texas and it looks like Texas will continue to be my "new" home. I'm married to fabulous guy (2006). We do not have any children, unless you want to consider our used car lot a child. :) I am a Petroleum Landman, Certified Personal Trainer, Used Car Lot Owner, Landlord, Christ follower, Entrepreneur, Crafter, DIYer, Cook, Organizer, Gardener, Traveler, Singer, Book-a-holic, Shoe Lover, Talker, Wife and probably a whole lot more, but that paints you a picture, I'm sure. ;) So, what can you find within my blog?? Bits and pieces of my life. Total randomness about my hobbies, thoughts and everything in between. The sky is the limit with me. Each Thursday I host a link party for all your DIY/Recipes/Craft Projects (come link up!) I hope you'll follow me on my blogging journey! :)
Hi, I'm Kendall! And the other two handsome fellas up there are William & Wyatt! I'm a stay at home momma/blogger/virtual assistant/general do-gooder. I started my blog because I wanted a space that was my own to share the little details of my life. Things that make me smile, happy moments, encouraging words, and lovely little projects. I am the momma of a beautiful boy who you will see sprinkled on the pages of my blog- because he is my world. Also, the hubby isn't bad either- he's actually amazing. I hope you will comment- say hello and tell me a little bit about yourself! I love making new blogger friends :)
Hi y'all! I'm Tami.  I'm a Texas girl, born and raised. But a little something called the USMC has had me living away from my beloved home state for over 10 years now. First in North Carolina, then in Africa (YES- Africa!!) and currently in the Middle East. I've been married to my handsome hubby for over 10 years and we welcomed our first child, Emerson, last May. Little Moments Like This started as a way for me to keep our family and friends updated but it has grown into so much more than that. I blog about everything from military life, to overseas living, to the joys and challenges of being a new Momma.  If you want to know a little bit more about me, head here.
Hi! I'm Jessa and I blog over at life of a sports wife! My blog is about everything ranging from books, faith, crafts, and of course sports. I blog about things that interest & inspire me! 

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