Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: August Edition {Part 1}

This month I have had the amazing opportunity to swap buttons with a few lovely ladies! Even though my blog is new I decided to go ahead and set up a Sponsor page and get some ad options set up. This is about half the girls I had the amazing opportunity to work with, the other half will be up in a few days. I really hope you guys will check out each of their blogs because I think they're pretty dang amazing and so inspirational on a daily basis!
My name is Sarah. I am the one behind The Fontenot Four! I am in love with God, my husband {Ron}, and my girls {Moira and Peyton}. I am a stay a home mom of two girls (8 and 6), the younger of whom is special needs and is medically fragile. I started The Fontenot Four as an outlet for me to write about the blessings in my life. The good stuff. Nothing negative. I figured if I focused on the positive for a change, it might really help me work through life's challenges. I decided somewhere along the way that I could really use my blog to help people. I love to blog about the blessings in my life, my faith, the occasional book review, recipes from time to time, musings about my family, and so on. I also have a shop on Storenvy where I sell scripture print files and some handknit goodies!
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I’m Holly, a twenty-three year old Cajun belle living the good life in South Louisiana. Engaged to a Cajun musician. Stay at home (almost) wife. I’m just trying to figure out life one deep breath at a time. My blog is inspired by all the things I love.
Hi! I'm Courtney (I'm on the left there), 21, and I live in the Big Apple. I'm in my last year of college, majoring in liberal arts, and once I graduate next spring, I plan on going into the music business. I love music, baking, traveling, DIY-ing, crafting, and so much more. Chase All Your Dreams is where I pst my thoughts, opinions, things I like, and a lot more. So stop by and say hi! 
Hey there, I'm Shelby! I blog over at Chasing Birdies about my life and the things I love. As a high school student, I spend most of my free time with my best friends and boyfriend, as well as play on my school's golf team. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog to say hello!
I am a single christian woman living in New York City.  I am an artist of many trades. I am an aspiring writer, photographer, knitter, and creator of random things. Singledou[b]t is as scattered as I tend to be. Day to day, i focus on very different things from what I am learning in life to what i am cooking in the kitchen to the people who inspire me.  I want my blog to be one about community, learning and growing through interactions with my NYC community and my blogger community. 
Hey y'all! You can call me Delilah! I'm the mommy to 5, wife to 1, and warden to a psychotic dog! I’m a self-confessed socially awkward, southern girl with sass. I share my sometimes-successful attempts at domestication, motherhood, and life in general on my blog, Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama. I'm definitely not the next June Cleaver but my kids are still alive, my house hasn't been condemned, and I still have all my own hair. Welcome to my life- where the domestication is questionable and wine is a food group. You did bring wine, right?
I'm a college student and an English major who is striving to make sense of life and follow and honor God. My blog is full of the little adventures life sends my way with a twist of humor mixed in. My goal is to encourage and lighten up the days of others.

P.S. I have a giveaway going on right now here! Check it out! 

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