Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Box Swap : Reveal!

Hello dolls! About a month ago I signed up for the Beauty Box Swap hosted by TiffanyMegan, and Andrea. The object of the Swap was that we'd have someone who would send us a beauty box and then you would send a box to someone else. I actually sent my box to Megan, one of the hosts! I had so much fun stalking her blog to see what she might like.
Blabbering Thoughts
I got an amazing box from Courtney! She did a fabulous job picking out products without even seeing my makeup wish list page. I was amazed the minute I saw the package. The bubble mailer she used is adorable! 
The bubble mailer is the blue polkadot part. I had to cover up both of our addresses! 
As you can see, Miss Courtney gave me the cutest card and what she wrote inside was so sweet! I'm really glad we got a chance to meet through the swap. I also must say her blog business cards are so cute :)
Girlfriend was amazing when she did her shopping! I've been dying to try the Simple cleansing cloths so when I saw she got me a sample pack I was pumped. They are the best. I like that they are a smooth wipe and that they don't have the raised bumps. They're also very gentle on the skin and leave my skin feeling soft not stripped! 
The light sparkly pink shade is a Julep nail color (Audrey) which we were both amazed I didn't already have considering I'm a Maven. I love this shade and I think it'll be perfect for winter when I just want a wash of color and some sparkle. Along with the polish she sent a nail file and some strips to paint french tips with. I'm real happy about the file considering I use them up so quick! The strips I was also excited about, I never do french manicures because I can't make them look the same and it drives me nuts. I'm excited to do some color blocking with the strips! 
I'm adoring the Wet 'n Wild cream shadow stick in Graphite. It's a beautiful dark grey color with some shimmer. I don't usually use cream shadows because they crease so bad on my oily skin but I used this as a liner on my waterline one day and it stayed put! As a cream shadow I'm sure it wouldn't crease, it will make a beautiful addition to a smokey eye! 
I'm not familiar with the brand of the eye cream but I'm so glad she sent it. I've been needing a new eye cream and the sample packs have worked wonders while I search for a new one. Eye cream is so not cheap so these have got me a LONG way! I really feel like this particular eye cream has helped with my puffiness in the mornings.
The final item was an eyeshadow duo from NYC. I really love these colors. The lighter shade is a pretty champagne color which will be perfect for an inner corner highlight and browbone shade. The darker shade looks peach to me but comes off a gorgeous light almond brown shade. I love it. They both have some shimmer which I love. I also am so excited to break into these this fall! 

Overall I'm so thrilled with my bag from Courtney. I'm subscribed to Beauty Army and Birchbox and love getting each box each month but having a box from someone who specifically bought everything for you and making a new friend is so much better! If another round of Beauty Box Swap is opened up I will for sure participate! I had a ton of fun stalking Megan's blog and ripping my package open! Thank you so much Courtney! 


  1. You are such a sweetheart! <3 <3

  2. I love playing with new makeup! So fun!!

  3. You did get some fun things! What are the nail polish strips like? I would love to find those to try a colorful french manicure on myself despite my lack of dexterity in polishing my own nails. Haha! Have a great week! Stacie xo

  4. What a nice swappie you had! Love the Julep nail color.
    Hope you stick around for the next Beauty Swap.

    Andee Beauty Swap Co-Host

  5. These Box Swaps are so fun to do, and fun to read about! I'm excited to follow along :) Drop by and say hello sometime!
    Newest follower
    Of Thoughts and Things

  6. How fun!!! You got some great stuff. I love your blog header, how cute is your cat?! I'm hosting a fun giveaway on the blog today, you should check it out!

  7. Woo!! I love your stuff :) Thanks for signing up!

  8. I LOVE Julep! Whenever I go there for pedicures I get the Sandra color. They also have an amazing Red with Sparkle in their Shalac manicure.

    I just found your blog and am a new follower!


  9. What a great post! Your blog is just lovely and I am your newest follower! xx


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