Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pinterest Crushes {Halloween Edition}

Hey y'all! I seriously cannot believe Halloween is three days away! Where did October go!? Since it's so close and I didn't even decorate my dang house this year (obviously slacking over here!) I decided to link up with my girl Jessica for her Pinterest Thursdays. I know I'm like three days late but better late than never!

Jessica is my blog angel for the month and I'm so happy for everything she's done! She is such a doll :)

Okay so...I'm not even dressing up this year. I didn't decorate. The most I've done is change my Scentsy scents for fall and I plan on wearing a black shirt and orange scarf Wednesday. I've never really been into Halloween to be totally honest. When I was about four I told my parents I did not want to go trick or treating and I made my mom go buy color crayons and coloring books and we delivered them to the kids in the hospital. And I'm pretty sure I was a witch for like eight years in a row...because my favorite movie is Hocus Pocus, duh!

If I ever do get the chance to dress up here are some things I want to be...

If I wasn't a ginger and a princess I would be Ursula. I think this costume is legit. Source.
Which means I obviously have to be Ariel. Duh. I don't think I could ever just wear a bra though... Source.
Believe me I want to gag because Kim K. went as Poison Ivy but this was the most unique costume I found on Pinterest. If I ever am her I'll make my own for sure. Source.

Some decorations I really like include...

I think this subway inspired sign would be so cute with some hay bales and pumpkins on the porch! Source.
This is so cute for when you have kids and a two story house! Source.
Cutest way to line the driveway! Inexpensive and could be a project with the whole family! 
I adore this. I believe you can purchase one similar on Etsy if you don't have time/aren't creative enough to make it! Source.

Well, there ya have it! All the most adorable Halloween ideas that I'll probably never make. I'm such a pin hoarder. I honestly have made probably less than five things I've ever pinned! One day. Kiss kiss loves!

P.S. GO check out Jessica's blog. It's darling and she is the SWEETEST!

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  1. Thanks for linking up!!! HUGS!

    The Little Mermaid was my FAVORITE as a little girl. In fact I now own all the movies on DVD and may have watched them in the past year. :)

    I love the costumes you have linked! Especially the Poison Ivy one. Love the wreath too!


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