Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm A Terrible Blogger.

Oh, hello blog babies. It's been like 10 years since we last spoke! Do you remember me, the ginger? Well if not let me tell you that the past month has been absolutely craaaay.

I'm just going to update y'all on my life...if you care you can stick around, if not...see ya! Jokes, guys. Jokes.

Okay...where do I even begin?...

First off let's just get it out of the way so there are no questions. I'm not posting about this topic because I want a pity party...I'm letting you know because I have blogged about it before. The beau ex-beau. Richard. Yes, we decided to part ways for a while. It might be a break, it might be permanent. Anyways, just so you know why I'm not talking about him as much. If you must know a reason we are just trying to figure some personal things out and wanted time apart. That's that.

On to the next topic! Y'all I'm headed to Tulsa next weekend. FOUR days of vacation. FOUR! I'm so excited to have that many days off in a row I could scream :) I'm headed down to see Kelly and my Goddaughter Rella. Prepare yourselves for some pictures...or 500. I also plan on doing some major shopping and getting a head start on Christmas shopping. My goal this year is to have everything bought and wrapped before December first! I hope I can do some sort of haul of things I buy (obviously not the presents) when I return!

Also, the whole reason I have been slacking so bad lately is school and work. Girlfriend has had so much homework. Plus, I've been adjusting to management, which is interesting to say the least! I really wanted to try to do a post about staying organized for online classes. I'll try to get one up before the next semester starts!

Okay, finally. This is really something that is important and as amazing and supportive as all of you are I would really appreciate the encouragement. Over the last three years I've struggled to keep my heart in line with Christ and since I've got a little more me time I would really love to focus on really living for Him now. I know one of my main problems is not going to church every week. I always sleep in or make an excuse not to go and I really need encouragement in that category! I also really need to get back into scripture. I want to make time to sit down and read every day...I know the time is there I just have to find it. This is where you lovelies come in. If you have any advice let me know! I want to know some of your favorite scripture to help really see that God's plan is the best thing for my life. Songs, scripture, quotes, reading, articles, websites, anything y'all have send them my way! Also, if you're willing I would appreciate so much your prayers and uplifting. I know we're all sisters in Christ so if you need me to be praying for you don't hesitate to ask! 

You can e-mail me at aimeeguise@gmail.com or tweet at me or leave a comment, whatever you're comfortable with if you have a request. I love praying for people and adding them to my prayer list.

I really hope this post wasn't terribly long and boring for you and I'm going to try very hard to get on a schedule! I love you all so dearly!


  1. I have a Bible App on my phone. Every morning it has a quote from the bible. I love reading them.
    There is a thing called the Alpha Course. Also try starting to go once a month to church and see how it goes. I normally read the bible before I go to bed.

  2. I too struggle with making sure I read my bible and focus on God first. The harder I try it seems the more life is thrown in the way. I know 100% that's the devil trying to steer me off course. The only advice I can really give is be persistent and don't give up. Going to church every week will help for sure!

    I'll be praying for you!


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