Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finished Up Products {& Will I Repurchase?}

Hello dolls! I always LOVE watching finished up product videos on YouTube and sometimes I'll catch blog posts about them but I have been saving up some empty bottles to do a post and I feel like I've got enough to do a post! There are a few products I threw in that have maybe one or two uses left in them that I will use up but I put them in this post because I didn't want to have to save them after they're used up!

I'm going to have to do a part one and a part two because I've got about 20 products. So for part one I'm going to do haircare and body care!
I know these have different names but I'm pretty sure they are the same formula. If not it's similar enough that I love both. Obviously I've repurchased because there are four empty bottles here and I have more that I'm working on. I feel like this is a very moisturizing shampoo and it doesn't weigh down my head of curls! Repurchase.
These conditioners are so amazing. I love the way they smell and if I had to choose one I'd say I like the Daily Moisture better. I've got an Intensive Repair in my shower now and they really make your hair so soft. They cost around $3.00 at Walmart I believe so a very good deal for the money Repurchased.
This conditioner doesn't really do much for me. I love the smell but since my hair is so curly it gets super frizzy and dried out. When I use a conditioner I really need it to moisturize so I can have soft, bouncy curls. Will not repurchase. 
For as much hype I hear about this line I was majorly disappointed in this product. The actual product itself is thin and almost a chunky consistency and once I put it in my hair it didn't seem to moisturize at all. The smell isn't too appealing either. It must be personal preference with this product because my momma swears by it. Will not repurchase. 
I'm not 100% sure if they still sell this product or not. I had a bunch of these sample sizes that came with conditioner and shampoo from quite a while ago. I really like this product and the smell is amazing. It truly moisturizes and "repairs" my hair. I probably would repurchase if I didn't have another product that I love better. Might repurchase. 
This is what I've found that I like better. If you don't own this you need to go buy it now. It's less than $4.00 at Walmart and will last quite a while. My hair is so much more manageable now that I use this. Plus it smells like coconut heaven, I would honestly use this just for the smell that lingers in my hair. Repurchase. 
This is probably my absolute favorite product in this whole post and a must have. If you've got curly hair - buy it now. Seriously I can spray this through my hair and walk out the door and unless I've ran my fingers through my hair, which if you have curls don't do it, I can go all day without frizz and with the most defined curls ever. I can spray it in at night before bed on wet hair and let it air dry and sleep on it and it looks nice the next morning too. For the price of this product it is fabulous! Repurchase.
This is my all time favorite body wash for the spring and summer months. During the fall and winter I use a moisturizing body wash but during the summer this always keeps my skin really clear even on the hottest days where you just sweat like crazy. I don't think it has the same effect as the face washes in the fact that it doesn't just wake you up but I still really love it. The blue one has a couple uses left and I do have a couple bottles left over that I didn't get the chance to use before fall. I honestly can't even pick favorite scent out of these because they are all amazing! Repurchase. 
I use this after every shower on my stomach to lighten my stretch marks. I've used it for about six months and I have noticed a difference. I hear vitamin E oil is supposed to work faster so I actually picked up a bottle of that and a huge container of the Palmer's just to see. I would recommend using this during your pregnancy to help with stretch marks, I hear it does wonders! Repurchase. 
I know this isn't hair or body care but I wanted to share with you what I do with the candle jars when I'm finished with them. First off as you can see there is about a half inch of wax left in the bottom of that candle, however I can't burn the rest of it. These candles have a safety feature that once the wax is so low the wicks won't light so the glass doesn't get too hot and shatter. Smart thinking on their part but for a $20.00 candle it is kind of irritating that it isn't completely gone! So when I finished this one today I stuck it in the freezer once the wax was hardened and cooled down. I left it in there for about a half hour and when I pulled it out the wax was cracked in about four places. I just took a butter knife and broke the rest of it up. As you can see in the bottom left corner of the picture I used the remaining wax in a tart warmer and then peeled the sticker off the candle and cleaned the jar. I'm going to use the jars to organize things because I think they are so classy. 

Alright y'all that's all I've got for you today as far as finished products go! Most of them I like and would repurchase, a couple just didn't work for me but might work for someone else :) Have a happy weekend y'all! 


  1. Love this post! :)

  2. I definitely agree with the smell of the Aussie products. My roommate used to have it in our shower, and I would (occasionally) use it. Smells so yummy! I am interested in the product that you can put in your curly hair. My hair is not super curly but can be wavy. I rarely wear it that way because it falls. I will have to give your recommendation a try. I am following you now and would love for you to stop by:)

  3. I haven't tried any of these products but will have to look in to them! My hair is very straight and pretty thin so it's very hard to find products that don't weigh it down. Maybe some of these lines have something for me. :)

  4. found your blog via giveaway. followed and all that stuff. i do lots of beauty products, some i make, some i buy, on my blog!! stop by.


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