Sunday, July 29, 2012

Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?

Ohhh my lanta, just a forewarning this post is about me whining. Go figure. Saturday sucked. First off I spend most of the afternoon at a car show with R. I actually like going to car shows but it was soooo hot. So. HOT. And they didn't have cheesecake on a stick which is half the reason I go! I was upset to say the least!

Also, I'm sure you've noticed the blog has a little different look. My other template was one I found and just added to get the blog up and running but I knew I wanted to create my own. So today I spend the rest of my whole day tackling that task. Let me know how you like it! I'll probably be tweaking it forever, kinda like one of those never-ending projects. Oh and, I have also added a sponsor page. I knew that was another project I needed to tackle and I did that today too using Passionfruit ads. There is an option on there for button swaps so go ahead and use that if you wanna swap buttons and I'll get yours put on my sidebar too! Use the code AIMEE if you plan on swapping so you don't have to pay for your ad. :)

After the car show and blog work, I came home to make R some enchiladas, he wanted homemade food before he left for school. So I then tackled that task. And cleaned the house some. Blaaaah.

Oh and yes, I forgot to tell you. My camera BROKE. Will. Not. Work. I had planned on getting a DSLR around Christmas. The Canon t3i to be exact buuuut now I might just get it this month and make the ol' budget a little tighter cause there are a few events coming up that I would like a camera for. I'm kinda upset about this little situation today. I had an Olympus point and shoot and it'll turn on and zoom in and out and in and out forever and when it finally stops it is a huge blur, the lens won't focus, zoom, or really do anything :( booooo.

Well I'll leave you with some crappy iPhone pictures of cars from today. The hot pink one is my fave.

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  1. I've never been to a car show before but I can't imagine enjoying it for more than hour. That hot pink car is awesome though!! I admire you for making your own blog design, I have literally NO idea how to do any of that! So I'm just working with what Blogger gave me. Sorry about your camera, but if its any consolation, I think the iPhone pictures look just great. Loved reading some real, honest opinion on this blog! Thanks for sharing!!

    perfectly priya


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