Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Angels: Halfway Point!

Hey loves! I've been MIA again....

Anyways, it's October 15 and that means it's the halfway link up for Blog Angels! This month there was 100 blogs and it is a little different. Usually halfway through, we still are secret blog helpers! But this month Rosie at Craftbotic Q decided that we should reveal who we were at the halfway mark.

I feel really awful about how I've been for Blog Angels this month. I've been so super busy and I cannot believe it's already the 15th! I really kept thinking "I'll have plenty done by the 15!" Uhh, hello where has this month gone?!

Anyways, the blogger I've been helping is Kim from Singledou[b]t. I've commented a few times and her button is in my sponsor part of my sidebar. I will be doing a "sponsor post" here shortly before the end of the month but other than that I've sucked :( Sorry Kim! To be totally honest I haven't even been able to make it over to her blog everyday. But I know now that we have revealed ourselves I should be able to help her a little more!

What I really love about Blog Angels is being able to connect with someone and focus totally on uplifting them and helping them out. I pray for the blogger I'm helping each month to find wisdom and reach out to other bloggers. I feel like I can help on more than just the strict blogger level. In the future I plan to do some shoutouts for Kim and help with anything else she needs on her blog!

I feel really bad that I haven't provided anything for my Blog Angel to work with, I'm excited to find out who she is and give her some material to work with :)

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  1. Hi Aimee! I'm a new follower via Jessica at Forever & A Day's blog! I saw where she was your blog angel! She's such a sweetheart - you'll love her!


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