Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Star: Facts About Me

Hey y'all! My last post was quite a heavy one. I shared my testimony with you guys which was quite a big deal because I have never shared anything like that on the internet with people I don't know! But I'm so glad I did and even if I touched one person's life that is absolutely fabulous!

So today I thought I would share some things about me that are on a little bit lighter note. I'm linking up at Mrs. Monologues for the Blog Star link up! So I'm just going to share a few things about me that I think are vital in getting to know my personality!

1. I'm obviously a ginger. I will show you pictures from when I was little and it has stuck with me all my life! That's my Bunny in that picture. I adore that bunny, he went with me everywhere and always had a diaper on. No naked bunnies over here! I have the temper and attitude of a ginger too. Don't cross me, I promise I will not be nice. I really don't try to be mean but I just don't take other people's crap. Treat others with the respect you wish to be treated with.
2. I just bought the Canon T3i! Best choice of my freakin' life! For serious! Please excuse my awful hair and smeared makeup. I would appreciate your support considering I don't have to look especially pretty for anyone. I do what I do.
3. If society would allow it I would wear sweats constantly. You don't understand. I. Love. Sweatpants. I hate jeans, I just want to feel comfortable. I almost wore sweatpants to Richard's senior prom. That is no lie. But I decided I would look like a glowstick instead. Yes, he is wearing a lime green suit. And yes, it is his forever, God help us all. 
4. I obviously love Idgit. You have probably already guessed by now but if you haven't, he is the only thing I have to take pictures of with my new camera. I hope you like cute grey kitties!!!
Well sorry y'all had to endure some awful shots of me. I have to admit though I was quite presh as a child! I hope you guys linked up too..I'd love to know more about you, star! 
Mrs. Monologues


  1. OMG your lil kitty is so damn cute! :)

  2. Love the dress. Pretty colours.

  3. little you is so cute! thanks for visiting Blank Pages!



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