Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glossybox: June 2012

Hey Guys! We all know about the latest hype about all of the beauty box subscription services. I personally am subscribed to Glossybox, Birchbox, and Julep. I love these boxes and rarely have a problem with the products...who doesn't love getting a box full of goodies? I also love being able to try out brands I don't know or I'm not sure of.

Anyways, I'm just going to let you know what products showed up in my Glossybox and what I think of them.

1. Ahava | Hibiscus & Velvet Cream Body Wash ($22 for 17oz)
-My first impression of this body wash was that Glossybox sent a generous sample size. After opening the bottle I noticed the smell is a very natural smell. I personally do not love the smell but I also don't find that the scent is offensive by any means. I used this body was while on a weekend trip and found it to be very moisturizing and noticed the scent lightly on my skin after I had showered.
VERDICT: I probably wouldn't purchase this product for the fact that I'm not a fan of the scent.

2. First Aid Beauty | Shave Cream ($16.50 for 6.8oz)
-This product is honestly one of my absolute least favorite products of all time. Let me start off by saying that I usually don't use shaving cream or gel. I find shaving to be more difficult and messy and find that my shave is not nearly as close. Now, when I used this product I did like the fact that it is more of a thick cream. It is not a foam or a lotiony type shaving product. I feel like this makes getting a close shave easier. However, I noticed the "squeaky clean" feeling of my skin after using it and I absolutely cannot stand that feeling. Also, I just used this on my right leg and shaved the left leg as normal (sans any shaving cream.) After about five minutes my right leg was on FIRE. I mean burning. Then, later on in the day I noticed irritation and razor burn EVERYWHERE. I'm not sure if it was an allergic reaction or what but I definitely won't be trying that out again!
VERDICT: I will not be repurchasing this product.

3. Ofra Cosmetics | ICE Eyeshadow ($14.95 for 0.47oz)
-This eyeshadow is a mix between a cream and powder. It finishes to a powder like consistency. I think I might actually like this product if it wasn't such a dark purple/maroon color. I'm thinking in the fall it will be a more wearable shade.
VERDICT: I'm undecided on this product due to the color sent to me. I'm also unsure about the wear and staying power of this shadow.

4. vBEAUTE | Lite Up, Buying Time, & Eye Never ($85.00 - $150.00)
-The tubes of these products are so small I don't feel like I'm going to be able to see if I like them or not. When I did use the eye gel I felt like it was so greasy that my face would break out. The price of these products really turns me off as well.
VERDICT: For the money I would not repurchase.

5. Wella Professionals | Enrich Moisturizing Treatment ($12.00 for 5.07oz)
-In this particular Glossybox I feel like this product is one of the better ones. I like that it is a styling product but I personally don't know how it will pan out in my hair. This product is meant for thin/fine hair and I by far have thick curly hair! I'm hoping this product will add extra hydration to my curls without weighing them down. I can say that the scent is very pleasant and not overbearing.
VERDICT: I have not tested the product and therefor cannot rate it.

6. A Perfume Organic | Urban Organic ($65.00 for 0.41oz)
-This perfume is one of the most nauseating scents on my skin. I am not a fan of the spicyness of this scent. I feel like it smells something along the lines of salsa in the kitchen. To me this fragrance should be a home fragrance.
VERDICT: I would not repurchase.

All in all I think that Glossybox could use some work. Last month I felt like I got my money's worth. This month I don't feel the same, buuuuut, before someone goes assuming I hate this company I would like to say I plan on staying subscribed to Glossybox. I think they have the most luxurious samples and you are guaranteed at least one full size product each month. I feel like it does exactly what they intended...for people to test out new products!

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